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Boiler Feed Water Treatment is very important to prevent Scale & Corrosion Build Up in the Water, Steam & Condensate Reticulation System that may induce Boiler/Heat Exchanger Tube Rupture, Turbine Blade Corrosion and last but not least more fuel needed to produce steam.

Phosphate Base Chemicals were vastly used for many years and already becoming the holy bible of the treatment and facts shown that there are still many plants outage as a result of Tube Rupture or Turbine Blade Corrosion due to its imbedded limitations of the chemicals themselves.

Filming Amine Chemical Boiler Internal Treatment has shown their capability to surpass those limitations and prevent Scale & Corrosion Build Up with single dosing treatment for the Boiler & After Boiler while no poisonous ingredients are used for better working environmen

Anodamine is the product of decades of industry experience in identifying the needs and challenges of the industries we serve to establish and maintain uncompromised safety and performance.


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