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Indonesia is one of the countries with loads of clean freshwater supply as majority of the territories is covered by ocean .this situation is very advantageous for those small remote island which water supply is totally dependent to the natural sources e.g. storm, rain, and seawater. The main problem is most of the seawater desalination process are both energy consuming and relatively high cost. 

Using our new membrane technology, we try to overcome this problem and give you the best result with more economical cost


has more sea that other countries in the world and have a clean fresh water supply from seawater desalination is one of logical option especially for those small islands that fresh water availability is totally depending in storm water that come in a very short period.

The problem of most seawater desalination is energy consuming that made this technology not economically viable to some extends but with new membrane technology the gap to economic scale is getting narrower from time to time.

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